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Program costs

Registration: $100
Tuition: $7,700
Books and Tools: $700

Start Dates 2023

January 10, 2023

February 7, 2023

February 21, 2023

March 7, 2023

April 3, 2023

April 18, 2023

May 2, 2023

May 23, 2023

June 6, 2023

June 20, 2023

July 5, 2023

July 31, 2023

August 15, 2023

August 29, 2023

Sept. 26, 2023

October 10, 2023

October 24, 2023

Nov. 12, 2023

Nov. 21, 2023

600 Clock Hour Manicurist Course

Our comprehensive manicurist program includes manicuring, pedicuring and nail esthetics for men and women. This 5-month/20-week course includes classroom demonstration and hands-on client work in our full-service Student Salon (open to the public).

At Baldwin Beauty Schools, we only use top brand beauty supplies for the benefit of our students and our clients, including Creative Nail Design and OPI. All students receive a supply kit which includes high-grade materials and tools.

In addition to the following curriculum basics, all students participate in our Retail Skills and Salon Business courses, which teach sales techniques, career management skills and how to build a steady client base.

Nail School in Austin, TX

If you’re considering a nail school in Austin, TX you’ve come to the right place. Austin is an amazingly vibrant town with lots of young adults enrolled in school and working hard. With nonstop music, activities, and festivals it’s probably the best place in the world to go to school. Get your nail school curriculum completed in Austin, and we’ll help you find a job when you’re done!

Program Highlights

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Polish techniques
  • Nail art
  • Nail enhancements (includes sculptured nails, acrylic tip applications)
  • Nail cosmetics
  • Body systems
  • Anatomy of the skin
  • Bones of the hands, legs and feet
  • Massage techniques

Additional Courses

  • Microbiology and infection control
  • Diseases and disorders of the skin
  • Bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization

Manicurist Program Disclosure

Program Level: Leads to certificate in the State of Texas
Credential Level: 01
Program Length: 600 clock hour program. 5 months/20 weeks
Program OPEID: 012268

Program Costs:

Room / Board: Baldwin Beauty Schools does not offer on campus living

Tuition and Fees: $7,700

Books and Tools: $700

Enrollment Fee: $100

Total Cost: $8,500

State Licensing Fees will apply at time of scheduled written and practical exams.

Women's hands with pink manicure are on a towel  Pedicure for tired and neglected feet


Baldwin Beauty Schools is a clock hour program and not a credit hour program. This institution informs and encourages all students to attend the 32 clock hour week and complete in normal time. Students attending full time clock hour will complete in normal time of 5 months. Circumstances such as part-time work, child care, illness, or an approved leave of absence may extend graduates past normal time and realistically complete in 6-7 months.

Agency this information is reported to: National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences located at:

 3015 Colvin Street
 Alexandria, VA 22314

For more information about Baldwin Beauty Schools, please visit either of our convenient locations or apply now.



  • Complete required hours as contracted on Enrollment Agreement
  • Take and pass written examination with a grade of 70 or above
  • Pass all practical lab activities with 70 or letter grade C or above
  • Tuition and fees to be paid 10 days prior to graduation / or satisfactory arrangements made with the institution.
  • Complete exit paperwork and complete financial aid exit counseling if receiving federal student loans.


North Austin Campus :

 8440 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78757

Ph: (512) 458-4127

South Austin Campus : 

3005 South Lamar Austin, TX 78704

Ph: (512) 441-6898

Get the Info Packet

This is the first step to getting more info about starting a costmetology program at Baldwin Beauty Schools!

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Get the Info Packet

This is the first step to getting more info about starting a costmetology program at Baldwin Beauty Schools!

Check your email, the info packet is on it's way!