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Gainful Employment in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is filled with opportunities for gainful employment. Students who pursue a career in hair styling, esthetics, and manicuring discover a gratifying and rewarding industry. Salons and spas have continued to grow rapidly. The beauty industry continues to have a multitude of new innovative techniques and products that enhance the technicians technical abilities and assist clients with their needs.

Baldwin Beauty Schools have produced graduates who pursue a professional work environment and thrive financially. Baldwin Beauty Schools have been training students for over 50 years, and the students are well prepared for the salon. Students achieve discipline and confidence through their client practical experience, which they perform in the student salon.

Adequate and professional instructional staff further enhance the practical and theory learning. Cosmetology students attending Baldwin Beauty Schools are trained with Pivot Point Education. Pivot Point International is a world leader in beauty education.

Employment in the beauty industry can lead to many ventures.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Hairstylist
  • Esthetician
  • Nail Technician
  • Platform Artist
  • Traveling Artist
  • Cruise Ship Stylist
  • Educator
  • Competitor in Style Competitions
  • Make Up Artist
  • Salon / Spa Owner
  • State Employee in the Field of Cosmetology
  • State Board Examiner
  • Product Consultant, working with or developing professional beauty related products

For additional consumer support please go to Use the following codes:

Hairstylist – 12.0401

Manicurist – 12.0410

Esthetician – 12.0408

Inspectors – 12.0413


Baldwin Beauty Schools: completion, placement, and licensure rate
Year: 2016
Completion Rate 75.42%
Placement Rate 75.28%
Licensure Rate 96.30%


Baldwin Beauty Schools Annual Security Report

Download North Campus Security Report 2017 (PDF)

Download South Campus Security Report 2017 (PDF)

Last updated January 23, 2017